Time To Explore The Wonders Of Red Sea – Marsa Alam – Fury Shoals – St.John

South Adventure

Amazing Mixture Of Soft Coral, Hard Coral, Coral Gardens, Drop Off, Pinnacles, Drift And Caverns Dive Sites.

great chance to spot Dolphins, Dugongs, Turtles, Sharks and the beautiful common Red Sea fish.

Marsa Alam

It is located around 280km south of Hurghada.

Elphinston: one of the best dive sites on the world, located 30km North of Marsa Alam, 12km of shore. Elphinston is very tiny reef as cucumber shaped hanging at deep water which offering spectacular wall drift diving with wonderful coral and curious Oceanic whitetip reef sharks.

Under south plateau a large Arch 48-58m. It’s a dream of the tech divers

Shaab Sharm located 40km south of Marsa Alam. It is kidney stone-shaped reef with Sloping walls, at east tip is plateau covered by soft coral, arrange of hard coral, If you are lucky you can spot Manta and Oceanic shark.

Under the plateau is large overhead cave at depth 45-50m inside

Marsa Alam offers also great shallow dive such as
Abu Dabab area 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Marsa Shana home for Turtles and Dugongs if you are lucky
Shaab Marsa Alam big chance to meet spinner dolphins

Fury Shoals

150km south of Marsa Alam, Fury Shoals is 30km long chain of dive sites offering coral pinnacles, lagoons , drop off , drift dives and great chance for Dolphins ,such as

Satayah (dolphin reef): a very large house reef. The distance from the east to the west side is more than 3km. The depth in the inner part ranges from 3m to 15m. It is a very common to spot a pod of spinner dolphins.

East site is a mix of pinnacles, stony plateau, coral garden and drop off.

Maksur is 800m long cucumber shaped reef, often compared to the Red Sea classic, Elphinston, and with steep drop off. It has an amazing south plateau two steps covered with mixture soft, hard coral and two pinnacles like towers.

Claudia (cavern): a cave full of many canyons. Average depth inside 5- 12m.

Malahi adventures dream. The reef formation is like a playground of craggy corals Fury Shoals offer more shallow dives such us Abu Galawa

St. John

Is a huge and wide coral reefs area located in the Southern Red Sea. Almost 210km south of Marsa Alam. Between the coast and Zabarged Island

St. John’s covering an area of 290 km2 and offering the greatest diversity of diving Red Sea.

It`s astonishing coral walls, coral garden, and caves. Such as.

Habili Ali is an oval shaped reef, full of beautiful coral and Marin life, Turtles and Sharks, drift diving is the best way to admire the inlaid coral, reef fish living in the steep walls.

Gotta Soghair a small reef with the best drop off at the area, all the sides are slope off and droop off to deep, Turtles and Sharks, covered with soft coral, gorgonian and black coral growing on the walls. The south edge of the reef is full of hard coral and conical shaped coral.

Dangerous Reef takes a diamond shape. The south tip of the diamond there is a sandy sloping bottom with hard coral down to 30 m. The main reef has some fissures making small tunnels, out of the tunnels east or west a good coral garden. The best choice after the deep dives and also offer us shelter for the night and excellent night dive.

St John’s cave, an area where shallow cracks open up into small caverns, which natural light allow easy penetration, caves hang up at depth 3-8m.
St. John’s area more than 20 dives site we chose the best following the weather condition like Habili Gafar, Gotta Kabira, Abu Bassala, Umm Erouk

St. John can be integrate with other route such Deadalus reef or Rocky and Zabarged Island.

All divers level can join south route, beginner can miss couple of dives

It is possible to dive in South of Red Sea all year round
Coldest water occurs in January and is about 24°C
Summer time water temperature about 30°C!

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