Daedalus – Fury Shoal – Elphinstone 05-12.12.2019

We offer you the best scuba diving of Egyptian Red Sea. Given you formidable experience dives with amazing Reef systems, Drift dives , Drop off , Shark dives and even Wreck dives .

Daedalus – Elphinstone – Salem Express

05-12 December 2019

Boat New Regency

luxury Steel yacht * Year built: 2018
Dimensions: 33m long – 7.5m wide
Capacity: up to 20 divers at 9 double rooms and 1 suite.
Cabins: All cabins contains bathroom, air condition, towels and warm blankets
1 covered areas: saloon and restaurant
Sundeck: 2 large sundecks
Nitrox and Trimix: available on board


05.12 arrive and check in to boat

06.12 Marsa Shona (Check dive ) – Abu Dabab – Night Dive

07.12 Daedalus reef 3 dives

08.12 Shaab Maksur – Dolphin Snorkeling – Claudia – B.B.Q

09.12 Shaab Sharm – Shaab Marsa Alam – night dive

10.12 Elphinstone 2 dives – Mangrove – night dive

11.12 Salem Express – panorama reef back to Hurghada

16.11 Check out from hotel to airport

*Plan can be change according weather conditions

*Flexibility changing plan of divers wishes

Price 1000 Euro

Price Include
• Fullboard accommodation
• transfer
• Taxes, permissions
• Marin Park fee
• dive guide
• 12L tank and weights
• group T-shirt
• Free Wi-Fi

not include
• Inter Visa, you pay it at Airport
. Staff tips

available for who need it
• Nitrox – Single tank 70 Euro/week
• Nitrox Twin tanks 90 Euro/week
• rental equipment each pace 36 Euro/week
• 15 L tank 36 Euro /week
• Twin Tank 72 Euro/week

Tech gas and tanks are available

Dive sites highlights

-Daedalus reef
lies in open sea almost half way to Saudi Arabia , around 180 km south of Brothers island , less than 800 m across reef, marked by a lighthouse .
The reef has steep drops on the east, north and south sides, all offering good diving. The southern side offers excellent shelter from the north winds.
The profile of the reef running from the surface to depth of 70 m or more. On the west side droop off with anemone city and massive blue coral growth.
The north is open water and current bring the best selection of pelagic fish, moving down to east coast. This spot is home for hammerhead sharks.
The reef is richly developed throughout, with good coral and fish life and large schooling species such as tuna, barracuda, snapper, unicorn fish and surgeonfish.

– Fury Shoals

Around 150Km south of Marsa Alam ,Fury Shoals is 30Km long chain of dive sites offering coral pinnacles , lagoons , drop off , drift dives and great chance for Dolphins ,such as

Satayah (dolphin reef): a very large horse shoe reef. The distance from the east to the west side is more than 3km. The depth in the inner part ranges from 3m to 15m. It is a very common to spot a pod of spinner dolphins.

East site is mix drop off, pinnacles, stony plateau and coral garden

Maksur is 800 m long cucumber shaped reef, often compared to the Red Sea classic, Elphinston, and with steep drop off.

Maksur has amazing south plateau two steps covered with mixture soft, hard coral and two pinnacles like towers.

Claudia (cavern): a cave full of many canyons. Average depth inside 5- 12m.
Malahi This is an explorers dream. The reef formation is like a playground of craggy corals

Fury Shoals offer more shallow dives such us Abu Galawa

– Elphinston
one of the best dive sites on the world, located 30Km North of Marsa Alam, 12Km of shore. Elphinston is very tiny reef as cucumber shaped hanging at deep water which offering spectacular wall drift diving with wonderful coral and curious Oceanic whitetip reef sharks.
Under south plateau a large Arch 48-65M. It’s a dream of the tech divers

– Shaab Sharm
kidney stone-shaped reef with Sloping walls, at east tip is plateau covered by soft coral, arrange of hard coral,

If you are lucky you can spot Manta and Oceanic shark.
Under the plateau is large overhead cave at depth 50 m to 50 inside

– Salem Express
Wreck Salem Express is a special dive site of the Red Sea, One of the greatest ship wrecks at Red Sea because of the tragedy story and wreck condition and Marin life
a passenger ship with a length of 100 meters. At the end of the journey from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Safaga, with a huge number of pilgrims returning from Mecca, mide night between 15-16 December 1991, she sank. The ship hit the Hyndman reef. As a result of the blow, a hole was formed in the bow and a trap door was opened at the stern of the ferry. Water began to flood the ship from two sides and it gave a roll to the starboard side. Salem Express sank for 20 minutes, according to official figures, about 470 passengers died, but their real number is probably more than 1,000. Survived only 180 people. This became one of the biggest sea tragedies. Many do not want to sink here, because they believe that this is a tomb and should not be bothered. If you decide to dive into this sunken ship, be very respectful and do not touch anything. There are still a lot of personal things on board, and they should stay there.
Wreck conditions
The wreck of the Salem Express lies on its starboard side in 30 meters of water. At the bow the ship’s anchors are still in position and the bow door, which allowed water into the car deck, is still in the open position. The foc’sle still has the anchor windlass winches mounted on it, along with ventilation ducts protruding through the deck. The port side of the vessel, which is facing the surface, has many windows and ports looking into individual cabins, and the companionway runs along the main deck from fore to aft complete with handrails.
Ship’s lifeboats can be seen lying next to the ship on the bottom. The ship’s stern and views of the rudder are absolutely stunning! The Samatour Company logo can still be seen on the ship’s funnels. Penetration dives can be made on this wreck. However divers

Marine life ,
The wreck hanging at open water which become home for many kind of fishes , specially micro life


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